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Consultant Resources

Consultants play a critical role in helping consumers understand the credit reporting system. 

Use these resources to improve your own knowledge of credit reporting and credit health and as a reference when assisting a consumer with their credit reporting or credit health query.

Credit reporting


Privacy Act & Credit Reporting Code

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Comprehensive credit reporting:

Information sheet

Size: 317 KB Download

Things to know

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Repayment history information:

Tips to explain RHI

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Managing your credit

Fixing errors on your credit report:

Information sheet

Size: 379 KB Download

Processes & obligations

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Buy Now Pay Later:

CreditSmart BNPL Information sheet

Size: 571 KB Download

BNPL explained

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Credit scores

Know your credit score

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Improving your credit score

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Understanding financial hardship

CreditSmart HUB:

Financial hardship

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Tips and tricks

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Late payments:

Information sheet

Size: 5.3 MB Download

How to look good to lenders

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Types of hardship arrangements:

Temporary arrangement

Size: 7.7 MB Download

Variation arrangement

Size: 6.7 MB Download

Debt waiver & your credit report

CreditSmart Debt waiver and your credit report2

Size: 3.4 MB Download

Time to Sell arrangements

Information sheet

Size: 3.7 MB Download

Bankruptcy & debt agreements

Bankruptcy & your credit report:

Information sheet

Size: 235 KB Download

Important to note

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Default listing:

Impact on creditworthiness

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Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse:

Financial Abuse Support

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Helpful services:


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