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How to check your credit rating

Simple steps

  1. Make sure you have different forms of ID handy
  2. Go online to Australia’s 3 main credit reporting bodies
  3. Follow the links to order your free personal credit report
  4. Download any application documents
  5. Fill in all the details and submit your online form
  6. Your credit report may take up to 10 days to arrive
  7. Read it carefully to make sure it is all correct

View credit reporting bodies

What if I think there’s a mistake?

If you find information on your credit report that you think is incorrect consider whether you have documents or other information to show that the information is not accurate. Errors can creep in ie. a data-entry mistake somewhere, or most concerningly, unfamiliar credit application enquiries on your credit report that could indicate fraudulent activity using your personal information.

If you think there is an error on your report, each of the credit reporting bodies have online links to request an amendment. It will help if you can clearly explain what the error is and provide evidence. 

How often should I check my credit rating?

Since you’re allowed one free report every three months, it makes sense to check your credit report regularly. You should also check your credit report if you’ve been denied credit, especially if you think you have a good credit history, as this may indicate something negative on your credit report that is affecting your credit health.

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