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Australia’s three main credit reporting bodies work with a number of individual online credit score providers. By going to each of the providers’ sites and filling in the required data, they’ll show you your credit score based on your credit report from the credit reporting body they’re affiliated with.

Visit the following websites for your credit score:

These providers’ are able to give you access to your credit score for free as they will use your information to market things to you. If you’re worried about how they will use your information, make sure you have a close read of the websites’ privacy policy (which should also tell you how to opt-out of getting the marketing material if you don’t want it).

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Credit score explained

There is no ONE credit score that is used by lenders or available to consumers. The three main credit reporting bodies all create their own credit scores calculated from the data in your credit report. Australia’s three main credit reporting bodies are Equifax, Experian & Illion who are affiliated with individual online credit score businesses from whom you can request your free credit score.

Your credit score will change over time as your own credit behaviour changes e.g. if you apply for and / or take on more debt, or if your repayment behaviour changes (24-months of repayment history is kept on your credit report). 

Lenders subscribe to one or more of the credit reporting bodies, sharing their customers’ comprehensive credit reporting information for inclusion in your credit report.  So, not all credit reporting bodies have the exact same information, it all depends on which credit reporting body your lender shares your credit reporting information with.

Your credit score gives an instant snapshot of your credit report. Some credit reports give scores out of 1,200 where 661 is good with anything above 853 being excellent. If your credit report gives scores out of 1,000 then above 540 is good and above 690 is excellent.

Keeping an eye on your credit score is a simple way of checking how you are tracking – how well you have been managing your credit. If you find your credit score goes up, you know that your credit report is looking better to potential credit providers. If it goes down, it probably means that there is something on your credit report that is making you look less creditworthy.

How to improve your credit score

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