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Privacy Awareness Week
14 May 2019

Online forums and social media sites are great for keeping in touch with friends and family, but be careful about what information you put online and who you allow to see it.

paw 2019 social tile still 04Here are some tips to protect yourself online:

  • Familiarise yourself with the site’s privacy and security settings – make sure you’re only sharing your information with the people you want to share it with.
  • Don’t accept friend requests or invitations from people you don’t know – you could be making yourself and your friends more vulnerable to scammers.
  • Protect your social media accounts with strong passwords.
  • Don't use social networking sites that do not offer any privacy settings or that allow users to contact each other anonymously.
  • Think before you post. Once information is online is it very difficult to remove. If unsure, ask yourself – would I be OK if this image or information was shared more broadly or seen by my employer? If not, perhaps think again.
  • Remember that people are not always who they say they are online.
  • Use caution when clicking on advertisements like online shopping on social media platforms. Just because a post appears in your feed and has been ‘suggested for you’ doesn’t mean the retailer is legitimate.
  • Be particularly careful with personal information that could compromise the security of you and others, for example a date of birth, an address, your daily routine, your children’s school or your holiday plans. This information can be used by criminals to steal your identity or plan criminal activity – like robbing your home when you are away.
  • Be wary of dating and romance scams, which are more prevalent on social media platforms. Dating scams are where a criminal pretends to have a romantic interest in a victim in order to steal their money or personal information.
  • Read and understand the social network site’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.


For more information, please go to OAIC’s FAQs on social media

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